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Citizen Cards and Ship Titles
You will find a Citizen Card and Ship Certificate/Title Generator here. Citizen Cards and Ship Titles are required if you are a citizen of the UEE, or working within any UEE system. If you are not in allegiance with the UEE (i.e. outlaw, pirate, etc.) and found without a Ship Title while working in UEE space, you may be subject to search and seizure of any and all goods - legal or illegal.

An example Ship Title of an Constellation Andromeda

An example Citizen Card

To fill out a Ship Title simply fill in color, use, owner name (your character), and be sure to select the appropriate ship in the drop down box. You can then, at your desire, generate your own Title/Tag Registration No. and apply it to the field as well. Afterwards, simply press Generate, save the image, and upload it to your favorite image/file host for your personal use. You can edit the image to sign the title, as your character, via any preferred font if you so desire.

To fill out a Citizen Card simply fill in character name, rank (if any), select your color/background (Citizen's should use White, while Military Personnel should use appropriate), fill in your citizen number (found in your profile on robertsspaceindustries.com), and your enlist year and date. Generate the card, save, and upload to your favorite file host/image host for use.
[Image: yZS2gii.png]

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