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Character Pic
Serena Andyr Elysar
~ Freelancer Captain, Star Citizen ~

[Image: HSVPp9Q.png]

Software Credits: Poser 10, Perfect Effects Free 9
Time Taken: ~ 3 hrs
[Image: oqymHFE.png]
Oh, and here - I made one for you too - though the coloring scheme turned out differently than I had originally planned, I rather grew to like it and I hope you do, too:

Captain Xavier Elias

[Image: iTO0MjS.png]
[Image: oqymHFE.png]

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We are a budding, diverse role-playing community for all enthusiasts of Star Citizen gameverse. From the mind of Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, comes STAR CITIZEN. More than a space combat sim, more than a first person shooter and more than an MMO: Star Citizen is the First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited gameplay.